1. "I once had a girl who was interested in me, her sister even messaged me and told me she wanted me to date her. I was flattered, but I wasn’t ready. She got engaged in Paris, and married in Iceland. I can’t help but think that I’ll never be good enough, and that everyone else will always be the better choice."

    Confessed - 9/29/2014

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  3. In progress… new Anonimal coming soon.

  4. Reaper sketch

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  8. … only If you want to.

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  11. A year ago #the1975 released their debut LP. I’m grateful to a few friends who made me stop and take notice (@heygary & @daveycarlson).

    The great thing about great music is that it holds up to repeat listens: You find more to love.

    Thought it was time to finally buy this bad boy on vinyl and was impressed to find that the band’s attention to detail extended all the way to the beautiful, clear discs inside.

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  13. Anonimals koala in progress - View Final